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What is a Digital Adoption Platform Anyway?

So what is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) or Digital Adoption Solution (DAS)? We get that question a lot! In fact, we’ve even received it from some respected thought leaders in the tech space. Not everyone knows what a DAP/DAS is in 2021.  However, Gartner projects that 70% of organizations will be utilizing a DAP/DAS […]

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It’s Not Rocket Science

“Ef, It’s Not Rocket Science! That was what Rome Chopra (my Boss, CEO, and, yes, friend) said to me a few months ago as we were discussing a micro-strategy related to a potential marketing tactic for Ziplyne. “Of course, it’s not Rocket Science,” I thought. And then another thought took over…”Why the heck do people […]

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How Wedding Planning, Retail & Filmmaking Can Lead to A Career In UX / UI

“You can only be truly accomplished at something you love.” Maya Angelou Maya Angelou’s words resonate strongly with me and I hope she was right because as my co-workers will attest, I love UX/UI and it is a major part of my life in 2020.  But it wasn’t always…at least not in a way that […]

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