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Automate Your Workday User Onboarding & Training

Your enterprise is going through a Digital Transformation. In order to keep up with the change, you constantly need to onboard and train users on Workday.

Meet your users where they are in Workday itself. Provide your user-base with an interactive guide on the side to help them perform key tasks in Workday without scaling your Workday training/ops/support teams.

Benefits of Having Ziplyne

Transform your Workday Training to be In-App & Real Time

Automate Workday Training and Support for your end users

Your Training and Support currently sits outside of Workday. This makes it challenging and harder for your users to adopt and go through the business processes that they want to execute in real-time. Automate your training by moving away from Job Aides, QRGs, Documentation and knowledge articles.

Scale adoption across all of your Workday Modules

  Scaling training and user adoption across your Workday modules in a seamless and consistent manner is tough. You need a solution that enables your content creators and empowers your end users to consume and adopt Workday training for all business functions/roles interacting/engaging with Workday.

Realize higher and the REAL returns of your Workday investment

The whole point of purchasing Workday was to achieve higher efficency, streamlined operations and a way for you to manage the Human capital and Financial needs of your Enterprise. If no one is using the system, then how do you justify ROI to your management teams and financial stakeholders?

Gain visibility and insights into Workday employee productivity on any Device

Your training for Workday is lagging behind because it does not have the insights to help your training teams and Workday operation teams understand where they need to retrain, improve, and change processes or the way they do things. Through Ziplyne’s Data Analytics you will get the full story of what is going on in your Enterprise. From the Macro to micro view of how Workday is being engaged and adopted with your Enterprise.

Platform Agnostic

Get Everything You Need With Just One Solution

In the Enterprise, the name of the game is SaaS consolidation. Your employees are faced with many challenges and have a different SaaS to help each business function perform. Your team needs a solution that can be used across all technologies in your Company and one that can be easy to adopt as a universal solution for anyone wanting to create onboarding, training, and help related content. Use Ziplyne’s Creator to create in-app guides, Player to play back the guides as an end user, and the Dashboard to review analytics, insights and other customizations for your deployment.


Ziplyne’s Core features

Create In-app guidance & training for Workday with No coding or technical developer knowledge

Fully Customize the look & feel according to your brand

Easy to Configure, update and mantain guides with Workday releases

Translate user help guides to multiple languages

Bring all existing training materials in-application for end users

Review Analytics of your team's behavior and engagement

Drive UX insights based on step-by-step analytics

Drive Create role-based learning and training

"We needed a solution to help scale our end user onboarding and training for Workday. We explored different options and then decided to look at DAPs. Ziplyne has helped automate our training and reduced our support tickets."

CHRO at a Mid Size Enterprise Monarch Inc.

"Ziplyne's Platform is so easy to use it beats the other Digital Adoption Platforms in the market by a large gap. Ziplyne's software has all use cases well thought out to manage the scale and complexity of enterprise softwares"



"We live in a world of data driven decision making. Before Ziplyne, we were not capturing user's behavior and intention when interacting/engaging with Workday. With the analytics we drive now, we are able to understand the users need for training, support and ongoing improvement to help them adopt Workday."

HRIS at a Large Enterprise

“I cannot imagine Workday without Ziplyne for us”

Self Service is the goal for any software. Ziplyne makes it possible to scale all parts of your end user’s experience without increasing human capital costs associated with growth.

“Knowing the How is just as important as doing it”

With technologies evolving at a pace faster than an end user can learn/adopt, internal teams need to rethink the way they educate their end users. Ziplyne is a solution that allows multidiscipliary and cross functional teams to create, manage and deploy in-app guides and help on top of key mission critical business softwares used throguhout your Enterprise. 

“The Ziplyne Creator is as easy as it gets”

Ziplyne’s Creator is meant to be as easy as if you know the underlying business process then you should be able to create a guide to educate your teams simulataneously with no extra effort needed.

Enterprise Scale and credibility

Built to handle complex enterprise software and business process

We have worked with many enterprises and understand that having Ziplyne is a strategic decision that has to be compatible and in sync with the higher initiatives in your company. Thus it needs to be able to handle the complexity of the Enterprise softwares it sits on top of. We have been trained, tested, and functional on top of Workday, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Servicenow, Kronos, MS Dynamics, and many other web-based applications. 

We understand you

Enterprises worldwide have been forced to transforrm and automate their technonologies at a speed faster than before due to the pandemic. We recognize that your organization is changing and thus we want to help you adapt to the changing software landscape and terrain you are experiencing. Where ever there is change, there is room and a need for Ziplyne.

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